Great copywriting is an essential element of any of any content marketing strategy. Content marketing is impacting all industries.  Google is always looking for good content and what is better than writing good copy so that people actually read your content. Follow our 9 tips for great copywriting to create copy that converts.

Copywriting can be used in many different ways; to create traffic, highlight you as a trusted expert in your field, showcase your problem- solving abilities, write case studies, and as a tool for attracting and qualifying leads.  The key to great copywriting is to show not tell.

9 Tips for Great Copywriting explained

It’s a good idea to start a spreadsheet that has the different topics

  1. Profile and segment your ideal customer(s):Before you start writing, it’s essential that you have very clearly researched your target customer segment. Customer segments are broken down into several different parts.  For example, if your customer segment is Moms, this segment can be broken down into categories. New Moms, older Moms, working Moms, stay-at-home Moms.
  2. What are the problems that customer segments have? Find out what they want, and how your product or service can help them fulfill that need. In the example of the Mom segment above, the needs and wants in the sub segment of “Moms” will be different.  For example, new Moms might be afraid of breastfeeding, or crib deaths, or projectile vomiting.  Older Moms concerns might revolve around subjects such as:  how to maintain energy levels, how to get their body back in shape, how to meet other first- time older Moms.  Stay-at-home Moms could be concerned about making homemade baby food, alternative to disposable diapers and where to find Mom and baby playgroups.
  3. How do your products/services solve the problems of your different customer segments? For all your customer segments how do your products/services solve the problems they have and reduce or eliminate their fears and doubts.  Each problem and solution can be the source of great written material.  Written material, ie copywriting can be in many different forms.  Scripts for commercials, writing for blogs, creating scenes for videos and questions for podcasts.
  4. 4.Write your copy as if you are your specific target audience: You have to write with a specific person in your head. Not there yet?  Find pictures of your target audience, how do they dress, what do they spend their money on, where do they shop?  It might be a great idea to put a vision board together that’s divided into three segments: a) What do they look like? b) What are their problems? c)List your product/services

Now you can match them all together.  They all help give you tips for great copywriting.

  1. Use powerful, emotional trigger words in your title and copy:If you are struggling to find the powerful trigger words for both your title and copy, here are a couple of websites to help you. Host Gator, and Buffer.
  2. Create the value of your product/service:Knowing the value of your product/service to your target audience is how you link the two elements together.  For example if you know your business/service allows stay-at-home Moms to earn an income while still caring for their children, talk about all the positives that helps the stay-at-home make the decision to try your service.
  3. Focus on the emotional or unseen motivators: We all have different triggers to buy products/services. Some buy on a whim while others buy because they feel an emotional connection while others do extensive research. If you focus on different motivations you will connect with your target customers.
  4. Help rationalize buyer’s remorse: We all want to rationalize our purchases, so you can prevent buyer’s remorse in your copy if you can show the benefits of your product/service by making their lives better. And, of course, talk about all the bad things they will avoid if they buy your product/service. Generally, people will pay more to avoid the pain than getting the benefits. For example, weight loss products can focus on how painful it is to be stared at in public because of your excessive weight and how difficult it is to find comfortable clothes.  The benefit is better health but while you are overweight, that isn’t always your immediate priority because it is invisible at the beginning.
  1. Tell stories in conversational form by telling stories

This is the last of our 9 tips for great copywriting. Your copy must be warm and friendly just as you would have a conversation with someone close to you. People like real experiences that are relatable to their own lives. You can get great ideas by watching YouTube videos or tapping into the stories on Instagram.  Because that is what you want to do, create stories.  Learn the importance of storytelling by listening to this podcast.  It has lots of great recommendations.

Once you have a roadmap of how copywriting works, it’s time for you to become creative.  If you are still unsure, connect with us for a 30 minute complimentary chat to talk about our 9 tips for great copywriting.  And if you aren’t ready to write yet, we can do it for you!